“Ice cream sunday, cherry on top, how many sprinkles do you get? one… two… three… four….”

“TAG YOUR IT!!!!!!!!!”

“You are so mean I am never speaking to you ever again!”

“Lets be best friends forever!”

The playground was the same as always. I was a ordinary first grader. Juice boxes thrown into the trash, along with the crust of a penut butter sandwich. People crying, people laughing, people tossing their hair, people demanding back friendship bracelets, people sitting below a apple pretending to be reading, people making birthday cards for their teachers, people talking about how mean the scince teacher was. The same as always.

Then, I was just a  second grader in Miss. Bell’s class. I would eat my penut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich, and eat my chcolate pudding, and throw away my green beans. I would play with my best friend Kate, and we would argue over the names Jessica and Lola, resulting in one of us being Jessica-Lola and the other one being Lola-Jessica.

Next, I am a third grader, a responsibe citizen in Miss. Sears’s classroom. We had multiplication homework, and eye to eye’s. It’s great.

Then I was a fourth grader in a different school NCCL, with Janet and Joe, and the weird little girl Emily, with the too-high voice.

THEN I am a fifth grader, homeschooled, in a different country.

And Lastly, I am a sixth grader in Jordan.

This is a story I am starting this is the first chapter, just introducing my life. The next chapter will be like every other day (me going to school) introducing the characters, the theme, place… etc.) Please leave comments.