Slushies getting thrown at your face as soon as you walk into your homeroom classroom is soooo a stereotape. Actually, as I pushed open the big wooden slip slidey doors, the first thing I saw were kids, and a ton. They all wore jeans, like me and they all looked as confuesed and intimidating as me! Yesss!

I slipped into a chair next to a blond haired, chubby girl with jeans and a red headband on. She gave me a slight smile then carefully lined up her pencil to show the border between my part of the desk and hers. In other words, she was saying this is my part of the desk and that is yours, you pass the border and you are dead. Middle school had officially began.

“Good morning class!”

A middle adged teacher walked in she wrote her name in perfect, never dot your i’s with a circle handwriting and sat down on her table and let out a huge sigh. Ok then.

“You have finally reached sixth grade!!” She let out a huge emotional puff of air which made the kid sitting in the front row start frantically pushing his chair further away from the teacher.

“But really, middle school is something to embrace, something to-” she walked up closer to the class and I swear I saw the kid who had moved his desk away from her shudder “Something to LOVE!” She kept talking for a while the assigned us some simple math problems, that were super easy, (I’m kinda a math freak), and let us go.

The rest of the day went by like cupcakes put in the middle of a group of screaming toddlers. I met a girl named Ashley and apparently she felt as out of place as me, I liked all of my teachers and the work was fun. So when my mom picked me up after school and asked me if I had loved it, all I could do was mutter something about friend chicken and stare at my chipped purple nail polish.