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Monthly Archives: March 2012

There is nothing more common than snow in the desert. Especially, if it is March.

A couple of months had gone by. They were pretty good, I guess. Except that we were considering homeschool, and that I was super homesick for all my friends in the US. So yes, we were having a lovely time.

But today, was different, it was like a piece of candy after dieting for MONTHS, like the first star that you had been waiting for, like- I don’t know, seeing someone after years and years of being separate. It was like that.

We had just had a mojor snowstorm. It lasted for only one day, but left a beautiful blanket, of clean, white, not yellow, snow on the ground. The perfect, time to go on a nice walk and be the first one to put there UGG into the blanket. As you can see, I am super competitive. So off I went. I walked to the fountain outside my house, and saw the little icicles hanging off the lion’s ears, I saw, the obviously miserable, loyal gardeners, suffering through the digging up of all the snow, on the road, and I saw people running to the nearest building obviously in panic. Gosh, couldn’t ANYONE appreciate snow? Just then, I heard a little giggle behind me. I ignored it. A snarl. I turned, and a tiny, little… thing, behind me, flying.

Well, COME ON, who wouldn’t have freaked out and started half crying half screaming home, who wouldn’t have screamed as they went into the house ” I AM GOING CRAZY!!!!” Who WOULDIN’T have locked themselves in their bathroom, and climbed up on top of the counter, armed with a hairbrush, ready to attack. I mean really, I was taking it very calmly, like a mature twelve year old should have.

Just then, another… thing, okay I will call them fairies for now- even though I always though fairies were more… delicate…. started attacking me. I mean, they actually went so far as to grab my miniature dachshund key chain and TRY to cidnap it. Well, to tell you the truth, I would have let them, because it is called taking one for the team.


At that time, I did what I had thought was the best decision, i handled it well, and gracefully, and I delicately, took my towel cap, and hit it hard enough for the fairy thing to be knocked out, and then I patted the towel, gave a sigh, and finished just as well as I had handled everything else. I fainted (not so gracefully).