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For the two weeks that i was a vegetarian i heard the constant question: “Why? Why have you chosen not to eat meat?” and i would reply the same as always “because i believe that animals are slaughtered cruelly and that humans are selfish to eat meat.” but is that really the case? In this article I am going to explore the many different opinions on anti-vegetarians and

One of the most interesting things i learned when i was researching vegetarians was that the grain that they feed the cows for our good ol’ McDonald’s hamburger could feed many more people who are starving. To be more specific, if we gave up meat, then over eight hundred million people who are starving would be fed, just because of all that grain that goes into the stomachs of cows and then into the hamburger that we eat. Another thing people are mortified of, is how the animals are slaughtered. Cows for example, are hung upside down by their legs and have their throat slit. Pigs, are kept in small cages and often go mad. And as for chickens they are in a confined area as well and have their beaks cut off. Something else that i find extremely sad is how many trees are getting cut down just to make space for farms to raise and slaughter animals. Many people would prefer to not think about these many mortifying details but i think that saying that just because meat is good is not a sufficient answer to why you’re not a vegetarian.

all though all those different opinions and facts of why people are a vegetarian are all very heroic and interesting we also have to look at why some very educated, very caring people aren’t vegetarians well hears their opinion. First, there is the religious, idea. Many people believe that god created animals for humans and becoming a vegetarian would be unfaithful to god and ungrateful for all god gave us. Also many people believe that cows farts- yes you heard me right- cows farts, pollute the air as well because they hold a lot of methane gas that is very bad for the environment. So if everyone stopped killing cows then our environment would NOT improve. Also there is the health issue, meat holds lots of iron and it is hard to really replace meat.

Well you have heard both sides of the stories. Both of which have its ups and downs, I think that many people are vegetarians or non vegetarians for the wrong reasons and my goal for this article in not to tell you guys to be a vegetarian or not it is just to make sure everyone is aware of exactly what you are eating and whether it is the right choice. Will millions of people go on starving, or will cows pollute our air. You can make a difference.


4 Comment(s)

  1. aroach13

    November 24, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    I really liked it isabel! It was so great, you did such a great job. I’m sort of a vegetarian, so I know what it’s like when people look at me like I’m crazy and they’re like, “Um, what? You don’t eat meat?” so I could totally relate. It was awesome, Is!

    • wowo12

      November 26, 2011 at 11:28 am

      Thank you so much for your response; I really apreciate it.

      Yeah, I barely ever eat meat as well, and when I do, I still have that little tingly guilty feeling in my tummy. I just make sure my parents get the meat from a local farm (the kill the animals more humanly) and that the cows eat grass, WHAT THEY ARE MEANT TO EAT!! Ok i am working myself up into a full on tantrum. Oh, and did you hear they are now slaughtering the dolphins in Japan for no good reason!!?? Ugh, ok i am going to stop my rant and say bye!

      Thanks again for your response!

  2. aroach13

    November 25, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    thanks for your comments on my wordpress! you’re the greatest, also loovvvvedddd this article.

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